Making an adjustable table

The legs of our model train layout table are height adjustable. The lower table height is set for seated viewing like a coffee table. When the table is adjusted to the high position it makes viewing comfortable while standing. The higher position is also used when working on the layout. In either position the adjustable table has a drawer which slides out for access to the control panel.


Why not sell it all?

Looking at trains

Is it possible when we talk to our parents we talk only about the extremes in our lives? Boast about our proudest moments or complain about the things that bother us? Do we filter out all the middle bits and present an unclear picture of what we enjoy most about every day life?

I’ve certainly complained a few times since starting our N scale model train layout. For one thing it’s taking way longer than I expected. And it’s certainly a lot more difficult than I anticipated. The boys see other amazing layouts and wonder why Dad is taking so long. But if these complaints were the tip of an iceberg then what lies beneath is an entirely different picture. Continue reading