2 thoughts on “Realistic rocks

  1. Hello!! I was first captured by the fact that you have the young engineers helping along the way. Fantastic!! I also was instantly captured by the fact that you have a purposeful layout, in MINING!! We live in the US, in Minnesota. Northern Minnesota had Iron Ore Mining and my grandparents worked in the roundhouses on the old Steam Engines, including the big Mallets.
    You have a great way of explaining/building/controlbox/led’s and the rest. The Cameraman/painter/builder/partner. I really appreciate you and yours, sir. Thanks for all the hard work I know it takes to not only build, but take the extra energy to SHARE…. not only with us, but your young ones. Please tell them we think they are “Top Notch” builders and engineers.
    I appreciate ya,
    Frank, in Minn-e-Snowta

    1. Thanks for your kind feedback and stories, Frank. It’s great to hear that other people can appreciate and enjoy what we’re doing here. We have almost completed the mine area – I hope we do it justice for you!

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