Train carriage cubby with G scale garden railway

The following video shows a few shots from the train carriage cubby house I built. It has a G scale LGB starter freight set running on LGB brass track. This video contains a few shots from the cubby house build process, it is not a “how to” video. The loco runs through lockable doors that open on either end of the cubby house then around a small part of the garden.

The cubby house is pine frame construction sitting on 5 concreted galvanised stirrups. It is clad with weatherproof Haritex fibre board then insulated with with silversark and rockwool. The interior is finished with gyprock, cornice then carpeted with gray carpet squares. The concealed trapdoor storage boxes are suspended off the ground to prevent moisture seeping into the timber from the earth below. The cubby is powered with an extension caravan style power cord with weather proof power plug box. It is designed to have enough height for a standing adult. The GILMORE station is made from plywood and balsa veneers with a working clockface for the tower clock.


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