Build a gas forge


This video shows how to build a blacksmithing gas forge using a Gameco gas forge kit. The kit uses a 9kg LP gas bottle for the body and I demonstrate how to cut the gas bottle safely. I also build a forge trolley that has blacksmith tool hangers, a sliding tool rest and steel fabricated drawers for storing steel offcuts. A trolley on castor wheels allows you to blacksmith indoors or outdoors and is generally just easier to move out of the way.

Safety is a key message for this video. This is why I recommend building from a kit which has the gas fittings supplied. While the gas fittings are not overly complex you can have peace of mind that the components have been well tested for performance and safety. Building a gas forge is still quite dangerous though and I highlight some of the ways to protect your health and safety.

The trolley is fabricated from 35mm square hollow section and 1.5mm hot rolled black sheet metal. I used a MIG to weld all the steel sections together and used heat resistant paints and materials for hot surfaces.

A blacksmith forge is a valuable tool that enables you to make other tools such as chisels, carving blades, knives, axes and small swords. It is also useful for making custom latches, handles and decorative iron finishes for industrial style indoor and outdoor furniture. No doubt you will see bespoke iron pieces appear in future films on my channel. Making something that is unique and does not exist anywhere else is a very satisfying feeling.

Although this video covers the forge kit build as well as the metal trolley fabrication, there is more focus on building the actual forge kit since these steps can be applied with or without a trolley. I am open to commissioned builds if you live anywhere near Canberra on the east coast of Australia. Please check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel to see future films.

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Gas forge drawers
LPG cylinder underneath
Fabricating the forge trolley