Industrial-style cafe table


This industrial style table is made using mild steel and recycled timber. The wood is from recycled hardwood fence palings which gives it a nice rustic finish to compliment the native Australian animals theme. The steel is a mixture of square hollow section (SHS) and angle iron and all welding is done with a MIG welder. I weld rivets into the angle iron frame to add an industrial-style aesthetic. The rivets and sanded steel are finished with 2 coats of satin clear to prevent rusting.

I paint the steel with self-priming, rust-inhibiting enamel paint and sand the edges so the raw steel creates a contrasting highlight against the black. The artwork is done by hand with a lightweight plasma cutter and all steel surfaces are finished with two coats of satin clear. The artwork features native Australian animals found in this area - wombats, echidnas, and kookaburras.

As of filming, glass was not yet sourced to complete the project. The sheet metal artwork was designed specifically to ensure the weight of the glass can be distributed equally across 6 silicone buttons which will stick to 4 corners and 2 in the middle along the edges. The glass will protect people from splinters, provide a level top for cups and plates as well as providing an easy surface to clean.


Material lengths have been rounded up to allow for cuts. Instead of 45 degree mitre join I weld rabbet joins which are neater and allow for easier material estimation.

Material Quantity
35 x 35 x 2mm Square hollow section (SHS) 12.5 metres
20 x 20 x 3mm angle iron 10 metres
90mm recycled fence palings 11 metres
1.6mm sheet 600 x 2400 (half a sheet)
35 x 35 plastic caps 4
Satin black Dulux metal shield epoxy enamel 2 cans
Satin clear Rust-oleum 2X ultra cover 2 cans *
Glass 2005 x 495 x 8mm

* I had paint compatibility issues with the Rustoleum and Dulux. The satin clear coat wrinkles up unless several very light mist coats are applied. I strongly recommend sticking with the single paint manufacturer for all coats.

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Installed table prior to glass top
Showing raw steel strip with rivets
Wombat plasmacut art
Close up of fence paling texture